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Bin Weevils dosh Codes

Posted 10 August 2013, 09: 24
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PLEASE NOTE These codes are for the game “Bin Weevils” and not Moshi Monsters.

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Different types of Secret Codes

Binweevils dosh codes

Bin Weevils secret codes, also known as Mystery Codes can give you Nest Items, Mulch and XP. Usually you’ll just get one of these, but there are a small number of codes that’ll give you various combinations such Mulch and XP. There’s one code that’ll even give you all three!

Dosh Codes, Seed Codes and Garden Items

The Free codesUnlock machine also has icons for binweevils Dosh codes, Seeds and Garden Items although as yet, we’ve not found any codes for these.

Codes for Dosh and Seeds are issued as exclusive, one-time use codes. Once they are used, they won’t work for anyone else so there’s no point sharing these.

These are the kind of codes that you’ll find given away by the Bin Weevils Magazine and the Bin Weevils Panini stickers.

How to enter Secret Codes

In order to enter your secret code you’ll need to find The Secret Code Machine at Lab’s lab.

Click on the map
Find Lab’s Lab. It’s the place that looks like a pile of books on the left hand side of the map. It’s got a black 8 ball on the top
When you click on the location you’ll start just outside Lab’s Lab. Conveniently, just on the left hand side is the Mystery Code Machine. It’s got flashing lights on it and everything!
Click on the machine. You’ll now be presented with the Mystery code entry screen. Here you can enter the secret code from the list below and then click on the button.
Once you enter the binweevils dosh codes code calculatordecoder|free codes you’ll be shown the results screen showing you what you got. Or if the code didn’t work whether it was incorrect or had expired. )
Close the results screen by clicking on the “X” in the top right hand corner.
You can enter another binweevils dosh code if you wish, or click on the “X” to close the mystery code machine.
Click on the MyMy business Nest icon to return to your nest, you should find your Nest Items in your chest.
Have fun!

New Bin Weevils Secret Codes

To make it super easy to keep up with the latest updates, we’ll highlight the latest additions to our code list here!